We help B2B SaaS and high-ticket service founders scale fast using growth protocols + AI tech within 6 months.

Our Goal: We're on a mission to perfect the scaling playbook for B2B SaaS

My name is Courtne Marland. I received my Honours Degree in Economics and Mathematical Sciences from The Open University in the United Kingdom, and spent most of my time working on bolstering the economics of businesses in the economy (ie solving the 'growth problem'). 

I'm no stranger to the startup and SMB world. I launched a series of apps in my teens namely: StudyIt, InsureIt, Flying Feathers & Cannon Mechanic. All of them failed because I hadn't yet learnt mastery in growth and acquisition. I spent years mastering profitable sales & marketing protocols before I was ready for my next startup. In 2020 I put my skills to the test unlocking growth at Centrasyte with a shure microphone, a Zoom account and a MacBook Pro at age 19. I did it again at my next startup GrowthTube at 21. These protocols and lessons gave birth to ScaleFast.AI.  

The truth is that digital alchemy and its resulting hilarious profits are more than likely for anyone who can successfully follow our engineered protocols. Here's what we value as we move forward in building our team:

We Unapologetically Focus On The Money

This isn't a company to clock in and out of and this isn't a company that pretends to be changing the world and not just making profit. We unapologetically try our hardest everyday to make as much money for ourselves and our clients as humanely possible. When we make insane profit it allows us pay our team incredibly well and hire more. When our clients make insane profit it allows them to pay their team well and hire more. The result: More people live richer, fuller lives and more people get jobs at thriving companies. That's the change in the world we'll focus on making.

Be Better Everyday

The outer world is a reflection of the inner. If we aren't at the top of our game in our personal lives, we're not going to be doing our best work. If we aren't getting better everyday then we're slowly getting worse and so we make it a priority.

Get Paid For Your Hard Work

We're a result and profit focused company. This means that we recognise and reward results above all else, regardless of who you are or tenure. You no longer have to wait to earn a raise or play office politics. All of our compensation is centred on performance. Earn more by performing more.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We believe in the phrase "The way you do one thing is the way you do everything". We do everything with extreme intensity and unapologetically enjoy the fruits of our labour.

We help B2B SaaS and high-ticket service founders scale fast to $1M ARR using growth protocols + AI tech within 6 months.

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